Terms and Conditions

1. By requesting our services, you agree and accept our terms and conditions, cancellation and cash-only policy.

2. Disclaimer:

Kyoto Sights and Nights and Peter MacIntosh are not in anyway responsible for anything lost, stolen or damaged or accidental injuries during our services.
We recommend that customers with small children pay special attention to their safety because there are many narrow streets with many scooters and bicycles that will be passing by.
*Due to the delicate nature of traditional Japanese architecture and crafts you will be held responsible for any financial compensation for any damaged or broken goods occurred during the service.

3. Walking lecture and VIP services are not photo sessions for semi-pro or professional photographers/film makers. All images taken during the walks/entertainment should be for personal use and are not to be sold or used professionally in anyway.

4. General cancellation policy:

50% Penalty up until two weeks before the booked date
100% Full Penalty if cancelled within a week of the booked date

5. Cancellation policy for VIP services:

This service was created for people who wanted something unique and exclusive. We are the only ones who offer such a service because many years were spent building the trust of the ochaya mothers/geiko and maiko. Therefore sudden cancellations would result in a breach of this trust and we must discourage this. We thank you for your understanding.

Due to the high demand of this unique service due to its authenticity and the growing opoularity of geisha culture, bookings are becoming very difficult to make without having a gauranteed commttment. Therefore we had to changed our cancellation policy as of January 1st 2016

No penalty- up until one month of the booked date
100% Within the month of the booked date
Exceptions: Natural disasters
*If given enough notice a reservation may be changed to a different date with no penalty (Except for bookings for services in April and November)

6. For Media Services:

For first time customers, half of fixing fees must be paid within 72 hours of signing of contract and the rest upon arrival.

If hotel bookings are required, a credit card number must be provided prior to arrival. A detailed receipt for all costs incurred for locations, interviews, driver, equipment rental etc. will be issued to the crew leader or producer by Kyoto Sights and Nights at the end of the project when all fees have been fully paid.

Location and model releases will be turned over to the crew leader or producer when all fees have been fully paid.