Maiko & Geiko International Events

Kyoto Sights and Nights has produced numerous events overseas showcasing performances of maiko and geiko, along with lectures by Peter MacIntosh about geisha culture and history. Here are details about some of our events.

Upcoming Events

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San Francisco

Date: June 2004
Location: San Francisco
Sponsor: The Asian Art Museum
Geisha/Maiko: Umechika, Umeha
About: To celebrate the opening of the "Behind the Painted Smile" exhibition by the staff of the Peabody Essex Museum, the Asian Art Museum sponsored two geisha to come to San Francisco for a lecture and performance at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The lecture was a huge success with over 700 attendees who listened to Mr. MacIntosh's lecture and witnessed their traditional dance and arts first hand. They also attended a very charity dinner at the Asian Art Musem.
Press: An article about the event by Michael Taylor for the San Francisco Chronicle



Date: November 2004
Location: Switzerland
Sponsor: French-Swiss Television
Geisha/Maiko: Umechika
About: To celebrate the release of the documentary that Director Romain Guelat and Peter MacIntosh worked on for three years, French-Swiss Television sponsored a geisha to come to Switzerland and France. Umechika gave a performance at the reception after the release. Before returning home they also visited Paris.
Media: About the documentary from Insomnia World Sales


New York

Date: February 2006
Location: New York
Sponsor: Visit Japan
Geisha/Maiko: Kikuryu, Fukunami, Miyoharu
About: As a part of the New York Travel Show, Kyoto City sponsored three geisha to appear at the event. They performed their traditional dances twice daily, served sake and took pictures with visitor. Peter lectured on geisha culture and held Q&A sessions with visitors after introducting the geisha and explaining their dances.
Media: A video taken by a visitor on YouTube



Date: May 2006
Location: England
Sponsor: Festival of Japan
Geisha/Maiko: Miehina, Fumiyu
About:Two geisha were brought to England for the Festival of Japan in Swinton Park. During the time they visited they made various appearances, attended private parties and Q&A sessions around the county, and did promotional events in York.
Media: Festival of Japan 2006 Official Site



Date: August 2007
Location: Finland
Sponsor: eBookers, Kamp Group
Geisha/Maiko: Fukuwaka, Miehina, Satonami
About: Several events were held in Helsinki, including a Dinner at the Yume Restaurant and a lecture in the Savoy Theater. Peter lectured to 750 people while the geisha danced, sang and demonstrated some geisha games with some audience members.