Custom Tours

Full Day and Half Day Tours

Kyoto Sights and Nights provides excellent tours of Kyoto, tailored to your interests. The easiest way to take full advantage of our expertise of the ancient capital is to first visit our consultation page, answer a few questions about your interests and travel plans, and reserve a guide for your custom tour.


Gourmet Tours

For connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine and sake.

Coinciding with the changing seasons, the menus of Kyoto’s finest restaurants also follow nature’s path.

Japanese food is hugely popular around the world. Kyoto is the hub of Japanese cuisine. Not only is it delicious but healthy too.

Shojin ryori
(not only a feast for the belly but also for the eyes)
Sweets seasonal
Shabu shabu
Teppan yaki
(world class beef, seafood and vegetables cooked in front of you)

Kyoto is the second most visited destination in the world (Mecca being the first). However, most of the visitors are Japanese. Therefore Kyoto restaurants do not go out of their way to cater to Westerners. There is little English spoken.

Have a great lunch and finish off with a great dinner.

We can reserve seating at even the most exclusive restaurants in the ancient capital.

We can introduce you to locally owned “holes in the wall” that serve delicious traditional home cooked dishes.

Expensive does not always mean better and with our nearly a decade and a half of experience we know how to help you receive value for your money.

Contact us to request your personalized gourmet tour.



Art or antique collecting?

Why spend your time looking through the piles and racks, maneuvering through the crowds, , wandering the streets, wasting your valuable time and money, especially when most of the best things don't even make it to the markets.  Let our experts do your shopping for you without even leaving your own home.   Whether it be kimonos, haoris and/or, obis, new and old, for wall decorations or even wearing yourself, trust us to introduce you to the best and most reasonably priced merchandise.  For antique collectors and/or retail outlets abroad, we can save you time and money guaranteeing quality products for you to offer to your clients or add to your collections.

If you are planning a buying trip to add to your personal collection or for retail purposes, then let our experts assist with your shopping.  Nothing is more confusing than trying to do business in a foreign country in a foreign language (especially in local dialects). Why spend countless hours wandering the streets looking for the best prices?  Let us deal with the local merchants of whom we already have long standing relationships with, thus always receiving the best possible price.  In Kyoto, long relationships build trust and trust breeds good service and prices, all of which we pass on to you.  Let our years of experience help make your days in Kyoto stress-free and productive.

Tip: combine a bit a shopping with our gourmet tours!

Contact us to request our Kyoto shopping services, and to specify the kind of things you are hopeing to purchase.


Geisha Entertainment VIP Services

We provide exclusive geisha services for VIPs. See VIP services for more details.